To encourage one million incredible humans (that's you) to live the life of their dreams in bodies they love, through world-first superfood coffee.



Empowering & encouraging, one science backed coffee at a time.

BODIED Coffee began with a super simple question "Why doesn't anyone create a zero calorie coffee that actually helps people stay in great shape not one that derails them?"

After working for the worlds biggest health & fitness brands plus being a personal trainer, & health coach for over 13yrs, I was sick & tired of seeing incredible humans people have their success derailed by harmful, ineffective & over-priced supplements sold by greedy charlatans/brands. 

Brands claimed their customers were VIPS yet treated them like ATMs.
Brands that hid their cheap, under-dosed formulas behind "proprietary blends".
Brands that were run by professional marketers, not fitness professionals.
Brands that stole their customers time, money & hope through baseless over-hyped claims. 

I knew there was a better way, so with the help of an amazing team of specialists. We got to work on creating the coffee we wish existed. What it led to was over 20 different formulas & endless taste tests over the span of 2yrs to create something that we were truly proud of & would seriously change lives. A coffee backed by thousands of scientific studies & one that seriously supercharges your health & fitness goals, instead of sabotaging them.

We created BODIED Coffee for those that want more health benefits, dieting support, convenience & all natural deliciousness from their daily ritual. Allowing our coffee to empower your goals & optimize your body for success is a huge privilege we do not take for granted.

Whatever your goal, we're cheering for you & you got this.

Cheers heaps,
Jonno Leigh